“What’s up with your blog? You don’t write these days?” Mandy asked. 
“Blog? Oh yeah, I mean... like... I... I stopped writing.” Relisha replied. 
“But why?” He asked.
All blank and without any perfect reply to his question, she replied, “I don’t know, I just stopped writing.”
“Such a stupid girl you are. The one who is even afraid to face herself and speak out the truth.” He said.
Silence all around, just the horns blew and the bus kept on moving. 
“Bae?” he shook Relisha and let her come out of her dreamland and said, “Answer me.”
“I just don’t know why I stopped writing.” She replied.
“Seriously?” Mandy stressed on it.
“Ok. I stopped writing after he broke up with me.” I replied with tears in my eyes.

Those few last days before he broke up.
Seen, but no reply. 
Online, yet ignored. 
“Hello?” Relisha texted him yet again. 
“Yes say.” He replied. 
“Yes say? What kind of a reply is this?”
“A normal reply. What more do you expect?”
“Ok. Then bye.”

Days passed and no normal conversation took place as such. She cried from inside and tears made their way down from her eyes every night. Emptiness killed her and she missed being loved and pampered by him. Her love story was no less than a fairytale but now it was nothing but a one sided love story maybe.

Now finally she decided to make a move and ask him whether the love is same or not or does it even exists anymore.
“I want to ask you something. Just reply with a yes or a no.” Relisha texted him.
“I don’t love you anymore. Everything is over between you and me.” He replied.
“Ok. Be happy.”

Life would now not be the same. This break up left a great impact on her and left her broken. Since that day she left her passion and stayed alone most of the times. Writing and painting were something she loved but now these were the things she did once in a month or two.


“For the shitty crap you left your passion?” Mandy freaked out.
“I don’t know, maybe yes.” Relisha replied.
“Come on, you’ve been known for your blog and for your writing and you just can’t simply leave it just because a bastard left you.” He said. 
“Yaa, but that break up did leave me into pieces and to recover from it I sort of left everything I loved.” She replied.
“Well, I don’t know anything, I just know that you’re back into writing and you’ll be updating your blog real soon and I’d be waiting for that.” Mandy said.
“Surely, I’ll do it.”
“Promise bae?” Forwarding his hand he said.
She held his hand and replied, “I promise bae.”
Smiles all over their face, the journey now looked happier than ever and he proved out that best friends could do miracles.
For sure he wasn’t the one for me or maybe I wasn’t the one for him but that hardly matters now. He is happy with someone prettier than me and I’m happy in my life with amazing friends around me. My life couldn’t be better than this and I thank him for leaving me and walking away. He taught me a lesson, a lesson for life and I’d never forget it now. My fault it was to leave my passion, the things I loved to do and now I promise myself to be back with a bang. I regret leaving all these because of him and later he’ll regret leaving me behind and walking away. But who cares? I don’t and I won’t because having my friends around me and my family, I really need no one ever again.” Relisha thought to herself and smiled.

(A best friend somehow could help a broken friend to come out of the trauma and start doing what one loved to do. Few simple words and a small time together could help her out to come back to reality and realize that she left something she loved to do and something for which she has been known. A bond which no one could ever understand was understood that day when he showed that best friends do really exist and did his part of work by bringing her back to reality, the world she left since she suffered the break up.)

“Dear best friend,
I can’t thank you enough for getting me back to reality and making me understand what I left behind. Just because of you I’m writing this today. I never thought I’d be writing anything ever again after my last post in 2015. You are the one who made me realize that I left something for which I had been known and for which people like you loved me even more. You words did really leave an impact on me which will for sure change me and make me a better person now, maybe the old and the jolly girl will be back now. Who knew an unplanned small journey could change a life and make it a happy one? Who knew a broken person like me could smile for miles and forget the past and try to move on? Well, it has just been possible because of you. I can’t really that you enough for noticing my tears and somehow stopping them from flowing. Cracking stupid jokes and making me laugh, not letting me be quite because that did let me dive into my old thoughts and it would make me sad which for you was not at all good as seeing me sad is not what you want. 
A thank you won’t be enough but you know friends don’t thank each other and well, we aren’t friends; we are best friends. So no formalities and nothing, just stay by my side and listen to my rubbish gossips and my sad stories and be my support forever. Just because of you, today I’m writing this.
Lots of love,

A video dedication to my best friend-



  1. A friend can be moral supporter and can give you encouragement to move further in life. Great dedicated post to your friend. :)


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